A time for turning the page

One chapter closes
It is time to turn the page
What will happen next?

A very personal poem about a big change.  Today was my last day working as an employee of Fathom.  While I will work on a contract basis for some key accounts , I have launched my own consulting firm.Bright Kestrel Digital Marketing for small business

Bright Kestrel, Ltd. will help small businesses, nonprofits and churches improve their digital marketing.


The .htaccess poem

.htaccess file
Why do you bedevil me?
Oops! Bye bye website.

The file in question is integral to Apache web servers. It is can do wonderful things when letters, numbers, and certain characters are arranged in the correct order.  It can also take down a website if the letters, numbers, and certain characters are not in the correct arrangement. The devil is in the binary details

They say you should “write what you know”. This, I know.

Of plastic grocery bags taking flight for short periods of time

Plastic bags in trees
Entwined with branches, dancing
They’ll never degrade.

I did a good bit of driving on highways this weekend and it seems that there is an epidemic of plastic grocery bags getting caught in the roadside bushes and trees.  Some are so high that I doubt anyone will make the effort to remove them. The bags in the branches may outlive the branches. Sad thought.

A Poem for Willoughby South

A Poem for Willoughby South

Today the First Amendment was abused,
as a cudgel, it has been used.

Used to shut down a high school play,
a student opera to premier today.

Children practiced for weeks, for months,
but plans were dashed all at once.

A letter from lawyers was received,
its contents were not to be believed.

Desist your plans or actions will be taken!
Injunctions will be filed, don’t be mistaken!

Your grievous threat to freedom must be halted.
Church and State separation must be exalted.

Zealots against religion went medieval
upon hearing kids may ponder good and evil.

We can’t tolerate any hint of religiosity.
Freedom of speech for the secular, but not for thee!

The episode that inspired this entry occurred at South High School.


Not the Baseball Player