A poem for fair-skinned baseball fans

‘Twas a sunny day
I watched baseball from the stands
Should have worn sunscreen.



I preserved the hashtags for this poem as it appeared on Twitter. I did eat nachos from a souvenir helmet that is in no way to be mistaken for a protective headgear. The imprint in the crown is very clear on this matter, once you get past the tortilla and cheese.

By the way, I didn’t really get sunburned. The Lake County Captains won. I had nachos from a helmet. I feel pretty good about life right now.

A Short Poem For Cleveland Weather In the Spring

Cleveland weather day
Sunshine and 80s, then rain
Fog and 50 now


I repeatedly remind local folk that America is a free country and if you really don’t like the weather where you live you are perfectly free to move to Arizona. That is, unless you already live in Arizona. In that case you would still be where you didn’t like the weather. I suppose you could move from Phoenix to Flagstaff, the weather in those two cities is really different. Flagstaff is beautiful. So is Phoenix. I don’t want to offend anyone. Beautiful weather and beautiful people. Just like in Cleveland.

Haiku recalling how a yellow school bus almost crushed me

Almost wrecked today.
Nearly crushed by a school bus
That was a close one!



There I was. Just minding my own business motoring my little Honda Civic down I-77 South. The driver of the big yellow school bus decided the lane I was in, right next to her, looked like a nice place to drive. I used a combination of a horn and accelerator to escape.

Not the Baseball Player